It's time to draw
We add value to it!


Unite Gold Collections

Unite Bronze collections

Unite non-fungible tokens

Unite Bronze collection

These types of NFTs are public, you can mint free via our website. These tokens are tradeable with any tokens on BSC network.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Unite Silver collection

is a ticket for your lambo. Every Silver Unite NFT what you own is a 10% interest on your investment in our staking contract. It is not possible to mint them publicly. These tokens will be divided on events, games and will be burned after use. BUT, you can trade it in our marketplace.

Unite Gold collection

these tokens are limited and are based on Charity, minted by Unite. We are waiting for handmade or digital drawings of your child, injured or disabled family member which could be uploaded with a few simple clicks to our website. Your drawing will appear on our Marketplace as a NFT for public buy.