Unite Token

A decentralized token with voting based Charity, where the community decide on where the rewards goes.

With every transaction you make a better tomorrow to someone.


5% Charity

From each transaction fee 5% sent directly to the charity wallet. This amount is only used for community voted donations.


2% Redistribution

Unite is a self-staking token, which you recieve 2 interest from all transaction.


4% Token growth

2% fee from every transaction automatically contributes to the locked liquidity pool, 2% for marketings and for further developments.


Voting based Charity

From each transaction 5% sent directly to the charity wallet. This amount of UNT token will be transfered during charitisiing to the new owner voted by the Unite Community.

The charitisiing will always be after the goal is reached. The first goal is 1 000 000 000 000 UNT and always doubles. If the goal is reached, we burn the same amount of UNT token from initial supply for stronger growth.

The community Is Priority

The topic of the charitisiing can by it a people, organisation, group, animal, event or anything and anyone what the community supports.


Anyone can vote for the specified topics (with restrictions)


UNT holders can vote and make new Charity topics


Top voted UNT holders rewarded with Unite Airdrops


The winner of the 2nd Unite charity event was Réka Molnár with 2621 votes

Prize: 2,000,000,000,000 UNT Token

Unite Tokenomics

To achieve trust and long-term goals our liquidity is locked! 

You can check on UniCrypt.com (Click here)


After all charity goal reaching, the same amount of UNT token is burned from total supply.

*the data may be delayed, please check the contract for accurate data

From total supply 5% is reserved for Charity events, 5% for further developments, 5% for early project sponsors  and the rest of 85% is tradable between holders. 

How to buy unite?


Download and install MetaMask or Trust Wallet (Google Play store or App Store).


Setting the Wallet to Binance Smart Chain (Click here for a step-by-step tutorial). Buying BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) by using the “Buy” option, or you can buy on an Exchange (like Binance) and transfer the tokens to your new Wallet.


Click here to head on over to PancakeSwap or use this address 0x23348dc6c43d3cb06fb410b2769ea5978ac8450a to select Unite Token. Set the slippage tolerance to min. 11% or to Auto Slippage.


Now you can Swap your BNB to Unite or with same method back. After swap you need to add Unite to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet portfolio (Tutorial here) to view your Unite Tokens.

Please dont forget, that Unite is a self-staking token. You earn free tokens while HODL!


Our roadmap and goals

Phase 0 (2021)

Token launch – 12. August 2021

Beta Website launch – 14. August 2021

Facebook page launch – 16. August 2021

PancakeSwap listing (BNB/UNT LP pair) – 16. August 2021

Liquidity locking – 16. August 2021

PooCoin App listing -16. August 2021

100 UNT holder – 21. August 2021

Phase 1 (2021)

V1 Voting system launch – 28. August 2021

Slovak webpage translation

English webpage translation – 14. August 2021

Twitter launch – 16. August 2021

Telegram launch – 16. August 2021

YouTube launch – 28. August 2021

First Charity event – 5. Sept 2021

First Token burning – 5. Sept 2021

CoinGecko listing

CoinMarketCap listing

1000 UNT holder

Phase 2 (2021)

Airdrop Events

2. Charity event

2. Token Burning Event

Media release

10 000 UNT holder




Phase 3 (2022)

Unite token V2 launch

Fully decentralized smart contract based voting system

Fully decentralized smart contract based Charity events

Website upgrade to V2

Migrate to Ethereum network

Phase 4 (2022-2023)

Coming in 2022

We are featured in

Many popular crypto & blockchain publishing

Media appearances